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                                                           DISCOVERING THE


Max Olsen,

born from the island at the foot of Makay, accompanies you throughout the year in one of the most mysterious places in Madagascar.

A region little known to the general public but high scientific interest for many years for its unspoiled nature such that there is still much to discover ...

* Rendo pedagogical.

* Wildlife and endemic flora.

* Cave Paintings.

* The world of strange insects ..

* Meet with the people ..

* Landscapes breathtaking ..

Massif of Makay: 10 or 15 days of shipping, welcome to the Airport Antananarivo hotel nights full board camping trek +, * downriver Mangoky canoe.
* 10 days no canoe.

                                                          LOCATION 4X4

With driver 80 € / day excluding fuel for Makay Fortdauphin
With driver 68 € / day excluding fuel Provinces
With driver 45 € / day excluding fuel Tana and around (50 kms)

We can help you organize your circuit Rentals, shooting, and other scientific research. Custom quote request.

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